A grade-6 student made a wonderful sketch of slides in school’s play area and amazed his class teacher with his extraordinary drawing talent and on sight drawing abilities; this is the story of Iqra School Gujranwala, Punjab.
After establishing in the year 2005, Iqra School adopted the same approach of traditional teaching witnessed in mushroom growth of private schools. As a result, students were stressed of gaining high grades though falling well short of performing satisfactorily. Teachers and parents were under constant pressure of not gaining desired results out of their efforts.
Very soon the top management of Iqra School realized that they needed a change in their approach in order to come out of that situation. Luckily, some of the top management personnel had a chance to attend ERDC’s Training of Trainers (TOT) and that brought 360 degree change to their philosophy of teaching. They decided to commit themselves and put all their efforts to make teaching meaningful.
They adopted the methodology of experiential learning in classroom; the lessons taught in the classroom are also explained with its various practical examples. A teacher explained students about friction on any surface in open air environment with the help of a bicycle which helped them grasp the concept.
In the lesson about seeds, teachers took students to a nearby agricultural field so they could observe the whole thing in its real form. Students at Iqra School are now being taught with the help of real life and practical examples in almost all their subjects.
Iqra School teachers got inspired by ERDC’s ideology, adopted a flexible approach towards curriculum and created a child-centered environment. Children learn at their own pace without any pressure with the help of interesting indoor and outdoor practical activities. This reduces the stress on students as well as teachers and parents. Learning is at its best through practical activities according to children’s interest and aptitude.
Written by Mr. Abdul Waheed, Principal Iqra School. To explore more about Iqra School, visit www.facebook.com/iqraschoolferozwala