Children like eating junk food and usually overlook the side effects of this bad habit. It is the duty of parents and school to realize the importance of healthy food.
SHS Schooling System, inspired by ERDC’s ideology, introduced some new changes in its school and the biggest     change is in changing students’ preferences in their taking short meals during recess.
SHS took the initiative and completely stopped selling of rolls, samosas, chips,  slanty, kurleez and many more and brought apples, bananas, boiled potatoes, corns, macaronis and chick peas in menu which are very healthy.
On the first day the sale was very low but students were motivated to buy healthy food. Sessions were arranged for students to create awareness of benefits of healthy food and how junk food does not only affect their health but hamper in their studies as well. SHS also conducted parenting sessions to create understanding about healthy food.
Now all the students purchase healthy food from canteen happily.
Written by Fouzia Asif, Deputy Head at SHS and has attended PTCC Batch 23rd and Strategic School Leadership (SSL) workshop Batch 3. She can be reached at SHS Schooling System was launched in 2011 and is located at North Karachi. To explore more about SHS, visit