•  Established in the year 2000
  •  Worked across the country both in rural and urban areas
  •  Served federal, provincial & local government institutions and leading national & international NGOs
  • Trained over 31,000 teachers and education managers
  • Developed over 500 master trainers in public sector who serve a vital role in different institutions
  • Produced over 1000 graduates of Certificate Course in 40 successfully run batches many of whom are professionals who work at key positions in different institutions
  • Offered professional & personal development workshops on over 200 topics in the areas of curriculum, early childhood, parenting, pedagogy, leadership and evaluation for teaching professionals
  • Introduced a set of specialized workshops for parents to enhance their skills and understanding on child rearing issues and happy family life
  • Introduced a set of workshops for high school learners to develop their personal visions, creative potential and life skills
  • Developed over 100 books & other educational resources which are adopted by the schools in Pakistan, India, UAE and UK
  • Received Presidential Award in the year 2002 for developing best children’s literature
  • Launched a three-year, HEC compliant degree program for education managers – MBA Educational Leadership in collaboration with PAF-KIET
  • Clientele of over 850 public & private institutions
  • Trains over 5000 teachers every year through various workshops
  • Offered its workshops in Middle east and conducted various training programs.
  • Has a large pool of highly competent resource persons that include master trainers, counselors, writers, editors, subject specialists, material developers, and research fellows
  • Has a library with over 10,000 titles on education
  • Appreciated in print and electronic media for its services including Daily Dawn, The News, Jang, Daily Times, Geo, PTV, DAWN News, ARY One World, Health TV, Hum TV, Sun TV, and Sama TV


Our Vision

ERDC envisages social excellence through making teachers, learners, parents and schools realize their meaning and achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to contribute to making teaching and learning meaningful through developing effective resources – both human and material.

Our Conviction

Our Conviction is that every teacher, learner, parent and school can become a centre of hope, change and inspiration and contribute to social reform.

Core Components of Vision

  • Educational Perspective
    • ERDC envisages a learning community where individuals could respect each other.
    • ERDC envisages a learning community where teachers could respect and trust children and children could have high expectations from their teachers.
    • ERDC envisages a learning community where learners are encouraged to grow in their own way with their own pace. ERDC strives for the development of free individuals. ERDC believes that schools should offer every learner sense of inclusion and achievement.
    • ERDC believes in eqaul opportunity and parent friendly schools, ERDC believes that primary role of a school is to offer every learner experiences of success, joy and freedom. We believe that every learner deserves respect and dignity irrespective of what he or she does in academics. ERDC believes that it is more important for a teacher to share and trust than to deliver knowledge. ERDC believes that delivery is the worst form of education. ERDC believes that the finest way to educate a child is to live what you know.
  • Institutional Perspective
    • An equal opportunity enviornment where everybody feels important and included.
    • Team is perceived as honest, wise and skilled. Credibility of team and leadership is established.
    • Short-term solutions are not accepted. Futuristic approach.
    • It firmly believes in and practices a set of core values.
    • Team members have personal visions.
    • Team’s personal vision relates with the institution’s vision.
    • Focus on the personal and professional development of team.
    • Individual’s development results in institution’s development.
    • Institution’s development results in individual’s development.
    • Stakeholders have a clear sense of direction. Continuous training of stakeholders.

Our Values

  • Sharing and cooperation
  • Equal opportunity environment
  • Collaboration
  • Freedom of expression
  • Openness and acceptance
  • Personal and professional integrity
  • Trust and respect
  • Recognition of individuality
  • Celebration of diversity
  • Commitment

ERDC is a self reliant, not for profit, private organization which is registered in Income Tax Department as per the laws of Government of Pakistan.