It had almost been one and half years since the inclusion of the new science teacher in L2L, thinking back and I recall memories of the tenure, I recall how I used to wonder if any difference had been made into the students’ lives by enhancing their hidden capabilities. Various projects were introduced into the curriculum of L2L had shown improvement in the students, some physically visible while others were in the pipeline.
As a teenager, we are fascinated by the long stick of tobacco which blows out smoke, thinking it cool enough to attract the opposite sex that is also easily available for any age in Pakistan.
It all started with students coming up with questions related to smoking which were particularly aimed at pin pointing one student; rather than ushering it aside we did it in the L2L way. The project was aimed to make them understand “The harmful effects of smoking on our body” so that they could learn to trust us and we could try and subdue their transgressions.
Students were excited; they were asked to design a smoking process either through Shisha, cigarette, cigar or hookah in school. Some did and others did not but all were fascinated by the fact that they would have these things in school to look at but under supervision. Before they could design them, a school discussion took place at the “L2L science lab” which got it going. Initially all were hesitant to talk about it and some would even go to the extent to call it “Haram” (religiously prohibited) but gradually through discussions and talks these notions took a back seat and the real problem took the center stage. Students were indulged into heated discussion at the “science lab” what these lung eating sticks contained and what harm they could do to our body system.
The startup student who got these kids to question initially was hesitant since he knew that the questions were intended for him but since he was a bold kid he gradually took the center stage and was explaining to all the students how much harm this could do to our lungs and ultimately to the whole body.
The students’ confidence and interest in highlighting what harm these long stick of tobacco can do, was clearly visible when he volunteered on the last day before the Parent Interactive Day (PID) to present his demonstration and being L2L we showed complete confidence in him.
The day of “PID” saw the parents having a laugh and giving a heartwarming ovation to the student presentation, giving a boost to his confidence.
Written by Adeel Hasan, Facilitator L2L Club. L2L Club is located at PECHS Karachi, visit