Throughout the year, ERDC offers workshops on nearly over 200 different topics and issues. These workshops vary heavily in length and format, and hence serves a wide range of audience.

Workshops for Teachers

ERDC offers several training workshops for teachers throughout the year. These workshops are open for schools as well as individuals. Duration of these workshops vary from one to five days. So far these workshops have been offered on over 200 topics that cover a wide range of issues pertaining curriculum planning, early childhood development, pedagogy, classroom management and assessment.

Workshops for Learners

ERDC offers various short and long duration workshops for high school students to develop their life skills, leadership qualities, critical thinking and creativity. These workshops cover both academic and non-academic issues that students might face during their teenage. These workshops aim to equip students deal with the challenges of their age and create a greater vision of their life.

Workshops for School Leaders

ERDC offers various workshops for school heads and education managers for their professional development. These workshops help school leaders to evaluate their personal and institutional effectiveness and work for a positive change.

Workshops for Parents

ERDC believes that parent education is the right of every child. To help parents learn how to raise confident, creative and responsible kids, ERDC offers exclusively designed parenting workshops throughout the year. These workshops not only enhance parents’ role in the academics of their kids but also cover issues related to spouse relationship, personal management and happy family life.

Counseling & Personal Coaching Program

ERDC also offers counseling and personal coaching service to parents, teaching professionals and students. These sessions are arranged with a prior appointment with our experts. Length of these sessions varies from one to two hours.

ERDC UAE Chapter

ERDC is planning to make its programs available in UAE, besides Pakistan. ERDC has successfully launched a couple of workshops, interactive presentations and counseling sessions in Abu Dhabi. Work is under progress to make these services available on regular basis in UAE. Please stay tuned for more updates. You can also write us for any queries through our contact form.