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A two-day workshop: GEOMETRY OUT OF THE BOX

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Why is geometry a basic skill? Would you like to explore different hands-on activities & puzzles to make geometry lessons meaningful? Then join us in a two-day workshop on 'GEOMETRY OUT OF THE BOX', to be held on Feb 27 & 28 at ERDC PECHS Campus. Follow the link to register yourself:

A one-day workshop for teachers of all levels: THE ART OF QUESTIONING

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ERDC offers a one-day interactive workshop for teachers on 'THE ART OF QUESTIONING', Join us on 23rd Feb at ERDC Branch Office PECHS from 9:00 am to 12:00. Follow the link to register yourself

A 3 day workshop- Mentoring through Writing

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Workshop for Parents & Interested individuals. Learn to strengthen your relationships and how can writing play the vital role in bridging the gaps.    Register now at:

اردو شاعری کیسےپڑھائیں؟

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Workshop for Urdu language teachers: اردو شاعری کیسےپڑھائیں؟, join us on Feb 13th & 14th at ERDC Head Office North Nazimabad. This workshop will be conducted by Zubair Shaikh. Follow the link to register yourself: